Backyard Redesign!

Over fifteen years ago we moved onto a property previously owned by a gardener as equally talented as my mother. We were fortunate enough to inherit an amazing foundation of flora and fauna and this past summer we decided to add to it an outdoor living area. This is what I designed!

This is the blueprint of our backyard to scale. I included the outlines of the furniture and sail-shade we bought.

My mother and her boyfriend enjoying the seating area. Above is a sail-shade I bought online for $50 and my brother helped install. Below is this amazing tiled outdoor flooring that Ikea sold this past summer. Well worth the big dent in our budget!

The view from the seating area.

The dining area. Not as stylized as I like normally but you get the idea.

Colorful light balls I made out of solar power strings of lights and chicken wire.

Firepit I built at the edge of the yard. We later replaced the awkward high red chairs with cozy Adirondacks.

I painted our black outdoor Buddha!

Porchulacas. For me the most sentimental of all flowers.

My sweaty swollen feet on our mossy brick pathway.

One of the many heart-shaped rocks we’ve collected.

Later I’ll try to add a video I took this summer out in the garden!

Happy wishing for warmth,


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Ciao! ¡Hola! and Welcome to my New Website!

It’s taken me longer then I’d like to admit but I’ve finally made my official website! Yay! Please check back soon as I will be adding all things pertaining to me! Isn’t that just amazing? I know.

Until next time,


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